Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Half Marathon Training Experiment

After having almost a week of unscheduled running post-marathon, I have put together what I hope will be the ultimate half marathon training plan. I'm not really sure what my goal for the year is, but I am signed up for three half marathons this spring and I have a distinct goal in mind for the first one and tentative goals for the next two. Here goes:
  • Sam Costa Half Marathon - March 27, 2010
    • Goal Time: <2:00:00
    • Goal Pace: <9:09
  • Kentucky Derby Festival Half Marathon - April 24, 2010
    • Goal Time: <1:57:00
    • Goal Pace: <8:55
  • Geist Half Marathon - May 22, 2010
    • Goal Time: <1:54:00
    • Goal Pace: <8:42
I feel like the first goal is a pretty realistic one. I did a training 13.1 a few weeks ago in 2:01:59 (9:18/mile). In a race setting I should be amped up enough run a bit faster. I may reset the last two goals as I go.

I have tried to include two days of speed work each week in hopes that I can achieve my race goal times. On my schedule for this week:

Sunday: Rest
Monday: 1 mile warm-up, 6 x 400 @ 8:30 w/400 recoveries
Tuesday: 6 miles easy
Wednesday: 3 miles easy
Thursday: 5 mile tempo run
Friday: rest
Saturday: 6 miles

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